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Foca Apart Hotel

Does the name taken from the Foca Foca Fok from you ... his name around in the sea seal seals living in the Foca area in the east Menemen, Çandarlı north west, the Aegean Sea, south of Izmir Bay in circles.

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Foca Apart Hotel

Does the name taken from the Foca Foca Fok from you ... his name around in the sea seal seals living in the Foca area in the east Menemen, Çandarlı north west, the Aegean Sea, south of Izmir Bay in circles.

29018th person's total population of Foca. In summer, this number is increasing exponentially of course. Not only in summer but winters in Foca are preferred for a holiday.

Foca's, doing research about the history of this small town when I was astonished. Neck from the great things people have succeeded in Foca. According to the terms of marine and engineering too far in the day that people Foca, BC 9.yy from talking, Samsun, Lapseki, Velia in southern Italy, Corsica in Alalia, Ampuria in Spain, Egypt and France in Marseilles Naukratis They founded. They go to places they carry culture to France took the alphabet, many of the Mediterranean coast have also taught olive.

Foca residents of this success, most of civilization's appetite has swelled and respectively Persians, Macedonians, Seleucid, Bergama Kingdom, Romans, Genoese Games, Saruhan dynasty, the Ottomans, Greeks, and finally citizens of the Republic of Turkey lives in Foca.

When we look at the events in Foca climate we have seen the Mediterranean climate. Foca, Izmir's minimum number of days of rain and windy areas of the county more. Agriculture and animal husbandry in the village of Foca people, Old Foca and Yeni Foca is in the tourism and fishing provides a living. There are a wide variety of fish and seafood blue waters of Foca: Orkinoz, Swallow, Mullet, Whiting, İşkine, Kupez, Chub mackerel, Dentex, kitty, Language, Bass, Çinekop, Adabeyi, Red, Coral, GOLDENEYE, bream, Karagöz, Sargoz , calamari, Sübye, octopus, lobster, mussels, Akirides. Some even heard the name of love as a fish.

Date BC 9 extending the date for lovers of Foca century a matter of quality. The years in the archaeological work is carried away with each passing day excavation workers. Inherited from the Hellenistic period, Anatolia's first theater, the Temple of Athena and the Holy Ground, Holy Harbor Area (Kybele'ye are thought to belong) and the Mausoleum of Persia (7 km east of Foca's known as the Stone House) has been successfully exposed.

Have survived, other historical places, the Archaic Herodotus Wall Wall, Outer Castle, Mosaics, Devil's Bath, Sur and Beşkapılar, Wind Mills, Fatih Mosque, the Mosque of the rocks, Hafiz Suleyman Mosque, Ottoman Cemetery and attract your attention if Akkaya Valley deposit of the grandfather (Rooster Dede, milk Dede, pasta Dede (Dede Bare) most important of them).

When you go to Foca Foca around the large and many small islands and bay held daily boat trips, without the Siren Rocks, Fok caves, historical places to visit from the fish without eating, get in the carriage before Tuesday Foca established market shoppers must take.

What is eaten in Foca? Fish, fish, fish. Garlic yogurt sauce is poured with renewed insistence trophy fish, I recommend the side of the Foca wine, according to the desire to drink raki or some other, extra virgin olive oil enriched with the famous Aegean herbs, seafood salads and various appetizers are possible. Coffee at the top of this food resinous mortars.

By sea, by land or by air or even by spending a comfortable journey after coming to Izmir Izmir bus station to the first platform of Foca platform, jump on the bus about an hour old Foca Foca says. Foca Izmir between 64 km. Between Istanbul Izmir 565, Izmir 582 km between Ankara.

If you are coming to your own vehicle Izmir - Canakkale road 39 kilometers and 26 km turn left. Foca is then reached. After exit from Izmir Karsiyaka, Cigli, Menemen after turning left from the first light after passing Cape Foca way you are in now.

Life of a holiday to be held in Qatar Foca life. This charming city of Foca vacation, you want to make Tatış, Boutique Hotels in Foca, Foca Hotel and, of Apart Hotel Foca, Foca and Foca Hostel Hotel Price would like to review. The pictures at the bottom of Foca Hotels Foca Hotels by clicking any of the possible review. To examine the Foca Hotels Foca Hotels page Price hotels with prices in the profile page, simply look under. Good holiday.

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