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Gocek Hotels and Göcek Hotel Reviews

Located in the southwest of Turkey, Göcek is a little coast toen in the province of Muğla, Fethiye.

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Gocek Hotels and Göcek Hotel Reviews

Located in the southwest of Turkey, Göcek is a little coast toen in the province of Muğla, Fethiye.

Göcek was discovered in early 80's and became important day after day after the tourism awareness increased in Turkey. Göcek is one of the most beautiful towns in Turkey when it comes to culture and environment values. It is located on the point where Taurus Mountains end in Mediterranean.

Göcek is a little, heavenly village between Fethiye and Dalaman covered with pine trees. It is becoming more and more famous both in Turkey and the world, with its pure waters, and with its features to be a unique port with its four marinas. Along with being a good vision spot, Göcek is the best zone in the world for the first sailing with its wind, sea and heat temperature. Göcek, which is an important stop for blue cruises, is a cheap and trusty vacation choice for the ones who come from abroad with its island and bays. Göcek, which is located between Fethiye and Dalaman, can be reached by highway with the beautiful sight of Taurus Mountains.

One of the must-do things in Göcek is the 12 Islands tour. Daily boat trips are organized every few hours for you to join in this blue cruise. Swim breaks are taken in this 9-hour-long trip at almost every bay. You can rent a boat, schooner, sailboat, catamaran or a motorboat from one of the yacht renting companies, which go by name yacht charter or yachting.

Having your dinner in the Göcek restaurants which lie by the waterfront, along with a chilling breeze will add spice to your vacation. The most popular food of Göcek is Grouper Fish. Almost all of the fish restaurants, kebab shops, cafes of Göcek set their menu prices on display on the boards outside.

Göcek is a Lycia settlement located between two developed cities of Lycia Civilization, Telmesos (Fethiye) and Kaunos. Unfortunately few structure remains today. And because no main settlement area can be determined, no kind of excavation can be organized. That�s why the past still remains is a mystery. But you can see rock tombs, mausoleums and bath houses by the bay or on Fethiye Road. There are also remains of antique and recent eras on Tersane Island. Daidalos and Ikarus Legends may have taken place in Göcek. The geographic features of the region fits the legends.

On the Kapıdağ Peninsula, there are Krya, Lisasi and Iydai antique cities. Because of transportation issues, no excavation is done at these antique settlements either. But some remains from these settlements can be seen today. The name of the region in the ancient times was Daidala (Daydala). Göcek name came with the nomads (göçer) who adopted a sedentary life in the region. There are four possible sources of the name Göcek.

This assumption is verified by most of the people who live in the region. The first assumption is dancer boys (köçek). It is said that in most of the festivals or wedding ceremonies in the region, there used to be köçeks. The men who dance in the woman clothes are called köçek. These men who came from Rhodes used to dance with the music of the local musicians. This entertainment style kept going for a long time. The village started to be known as Köçekli (with Köçeks). The local folk did not like this name. They started to find it strange. They even quit calling köçeks to the ceremonies. And the village name was changed in to Göcek.

Another assumption is migration (Göç). The people of the region used to migrate in the spring every year to the uplands and winter quarters, and come back in autumn.

And it is thought that the village took its name from the word �Göç�. This assumption is the most accepted one among the people.

A growing harvest is called GÖCEK. It may be a source for the name. But the place where the sea comes into the land most is also caleed GÖCEk. The Göcek of Fethiye is frequently referred in the book of Fisherman of Halicarnassos.

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