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Cunda Hotels

In recent years, domestic tourists flocked Cunda a region.

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Cunda Hotels

In recent years, domestic tourists flocked Cunda a region.

Most of domestic tourists want to stay in hotel kısmıda Cunda in Cunda. Unfortunately, especially in the summer is the most active period is hardly possible to get a place in the Cunda hotel. Especially in the coastal strip and the Aegean appetizers with Raki-fish restaurants in Cunda popular, with daily boat trips around the islands and visitors from reaching the island's land area can go to.

This in turn trips guests are relaxing in the elegant and charming hotel Cunda. Lesbos Island, especially in the summer months on the unity of time, of foreign tourists to the island and bring them to Ayvalik. Inbound foreign tourists usually come from near the Greek island they return to their homes again Cunda from hotel accommodations in.

His wife has not found the beauty about Cunda antiquity, including the authors of the subsequent century, we also add, by more than 12 historians have been writing articles about Cunda series of islands. Each region, of course, this does not grant to the region. This is as good as you had not Cunda dimi ama? In the past, so much attention being caught everyone saw Cunda's appeal of the island to enjoy a longer period to be in Cunda Cunda are staying in hotels.

Regardless of what name it's a natural wonder. Ekatonisos, Yund, Moshonisia, Cunda, Alibey island ... This is a few names in Cunda is used by Cunda Hotel.

The first is the person who provides information about the island of Greek historian Herodotus. BC 450 years has been referred to as the locality Ekatonisos. Piri Reis' Kitab-ı Naval mentioned in this area belong to the Yund Islands has been estimated. Piri Reis ramble on islands that donkeys, horses and mares with inspiration from the islands in the region named Yund Islands is estimated to have. And then Cunda Moshonisia (Scented Island) names known. To put forward two ideas Moshos is the word. According to the first opinion from the rich vegetation of the smell from the sea is coming forward from the combination of iodine and oxygen. According to the second opinion; 1530'lu largest island in a small island in the west of the notorious pirate in the Moshas bad name, lived with his family and partner.

Pirates of the Ottoman Navy when it comes to the region was forced to leave the island. Since then, the island inhabited by pirates Moshonisos, the group of islands in the region also began to be de Moshonisia. Italian word which is a maritime term as Cunda to sail or to take their banners signs were placed at both ends of the horizontal bars means.

Ada used, as well as Cunda Alibey name, the Liberation War of the sultan 'of surrender to the Greeks' orders began to go against the armed struggle, the first union is dedicated to the commander Colonel Ali Cetinkaya. Because of its natural beauty and historical structures Cunda taken under protection and in 1976, Ayvalik and surrounding natural and historical sites, 17,900 hectares have been accepted as. Here, before the exchange, many churches and monasteries dating from Rum Orthodox community there. Finally, the Lovers Hill known as the mill mevkiide restoration was completed in 2006 and opened to visitors. On the island, waiting for sponsors for restoration still has many historical monuments.

Cunda varmısınız in the sun from the hills by following to sink, gülkurusu color, garlic, stone, of the doorknob of the balcony of iron figures of women with adorned date smelling house of the island in the streets to wander, Stone coffee fatigue coffee to drink, clean bays for swimming, skills you have to dive ... willing to go came dimi ? Cunda book your hotel, which will appeal to you if: Cunda of Boutique Hotels, Cunda of hostels, Cunda apart from city, one of Cunda Hotel Select, Prepare your luggage taken to your loved ones as well, and you have a taste of the Cunda ...

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