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Kizkalesi Hotels

Borders of our beautiful city of Mersin Kizkalesi beautiful homes in many more over the beauties of the Mediterranean holiday resort town.

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Kizkalesi Hotels

Borders of our beautiful city of Mersin Kizkalesi beautiful homes in many more over the beauties of the Mediterranean holiday resort town.

Kızkalesine we went from Antalya. A full road adventure. After we spent a week vacation in Alanya, on vacation and unable to fill plenty of friends to have set off Kızkalesi'ne recommended. Left side along the way we view our incredible Mediterranean pine forests. Road was quite tiring. Accompanied by plenty of beautiful scenery through winding road I can say.

Along the way we lived a lot of happiness in the things to experience. Towards the end of spring in greenhouses used to seeing in the redness of strawberries, banana trees and branches were bending, we admire the abundance of clusters of banana bunch.

In the order in April Anamur banana Although we are famous for the air temperature was 25 degrees below the BUNADA can not pass without mention, yoghurt with songs that have been passed and impatiently waiting for your Silifkeyi Taşucu Kızkalesi'ne we reached. Very nice at first did not show us Kizkalesi. The air was a typical holiday resort. When we move towards the coast to the region named for the majesty and beauty of the coast Kızkalesi'nin and the width of the cleaning was enchanted us.

With a very famous beach resort and traveled as one I can say this is truly a special place. This is a nice little beach to confess did not want to imagine.

I would also like to mention Kizkalesi hotel. When you go to find hotels Kızkalesi'nde kalıcak have many options. Hotels on the beach and sea Kizkalesi he is in a position to a maximum of 100-150 m in my sea that is located within walking distance away. Kizkalesi hotels, Kizkalesi pension, Kizkalesi Apart Hotel to make a reservation in the summer term had trouble finding where you can not go without Kızkalesi'ne.

If you ask me he's my great pleasure and my pocket for a hotel to stay at the appropriate price in terms of hotels I Kızkalesi'nde very reasonable compared to other hotels in the Mediterranean. There are no hotels Kizkalesi very ambitious. Here too, many predict will be iddalı hotel guests do not aray. Kizkalesi course for hotel cleanliness, friendly, well done. Nature, air, sea and the beach Kızkalesi'nin undisputed allegations in the foreground.

Even the guests in the hotel in the middle of summer Kizkalesi wide have the opportunity to sunbathe on the beach alone comfortable. I recommend this beautiful vacation paradise herkeze. There are many reasons to be happy Kızkalesinde.

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