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Dalyan Hotels And Dalyan Hotel Reviews

Dalyan is located at the both coasts of the canal which connects Köyceğiz Lake with Mediterrenean Sea and maintains a peaceful balance with nature instead of changing it.

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Dalyan Hotels And Dalyan Hotel Reviews

Dalyan is located at the both coasts of the canal which connects Köyceğiz Lake with Mediterrenean Sea and maintains a peaceful balance with nature instead of changing it.

With a population of 5000, its locals make a living by tourism, fishery and growing/selling cotton.

The climate of Dalyan a bit differs from the typical Mediterrenean climate. Winters are always warm and wet but, at summertime you will see a cooler, breezy weather rather than other mediterrenean cities.

Through the past 5000 years Kaunos Ancient City ,which is situated in Dalyan, hosted many different civilizations and significant historical characters including Ions, Alexander the Great, Romans, Byzantine, Cavaliers of Rhodes, and Ottomans. Acropolice, castles and city walls, amphi theatre, churches, chapels, the old city port, tombs of kings and spring water resorts in Selimiye are some of the ruins that visitors must see.

Although İztuzu Beach which is 5,5 km long and has both fresh water on one side and salt water on the other is one of a kind on the planet. One of the endangered race, Caretta Carettas, come this area to spawn. That's why it's not allowed to enter the beach from sunset to sunrise. So if you are lucky enough you may see one during your trip. As well as caretta carettas, tombs of kings graved in cliffs are a symbol of Dalyan. The most knowns are the ones that standing on the opposite shoulder of Dalyan. At the same time, the two located in Marmarlı district are a very good example of rock tombs. Also Köyceğiz with outdoor areas to eat a picnic and reserving numerous bird species,Yuvarlak Rill with its 7 fountains and freshening water in summer are some other places to visit in Dalyan.

Sultaniye spring resort, which is 4 km far to Dalyan and located outskirts of Ölmez Mountain, has the highest level of radioactive content in Turkey, and follows Indonesia relative to amount of radon it contains worldwide. Travellers can reach there by boats departing from the dock. The 39 degree water is quite superb for the minerals and helps to cure dermalogical and gynecological diseases, rheumatics and sciatica.

If you happen to pass Dalyan you shouldn't leave before you have a boat trip on Dalyan Delta, or before you have a mud bath. You can enjoy your time either on Iztuzu Beach ,the world's second naturally preserved beach , or hiking around the ancient city Kaunos or you can arrange boat trips to nearby islands and coves. Also Dalyan is quite famous for its delicious blue crab food. And don't forget to take a glance at the local market where you can find hand made products.

Transportation to Dalyan is also very easy. If you travel by airway Dalaman Airport is just 25 km away from Dalyan and takes about 20 minutes by cab. If you will take the highway after you arrive Ortaca, Dalyan is only 15 minutes far. You may use public transportation such as minibuses. There are several transport agencies that regularly departure from İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Bursa to Muğla - Ortaca.

There are many eating alternatives that are suitable for every taste and at every cost. But the best option is seafood. You will never forget the taste of the blue crab meal in Dalyan either boiled or grilled. For the ones who don't prefer marine products you may try other options such as snacks and world cuisine food with fresh fruit juices. So how about spending your next vacation in Dalyan which is quite popular for both its natural beauties and historical background. You may find many alternatives to accommodate either in a small boutique hotel or in a pansion.

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