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Agva Hotels and Şile Ağva Hotel Reviews

Ağva is a town whose name catches our ears constantly these days, isn't it?

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Agva Hotels and Şile Ağva Hotel Reviews

Ağva is a town whose name catches our ears constantly these days, isn't it?

Ağva is very popular especially among the ones who want to escape from the chaos of the city at weekends. Ağva deserves this sympathy with its closeness to Istanbul, its extraordinary nature, its beach, its sea, its trekking sites and its accomodation management. Ağva charges preferably and makes special surprises in winter.

Ağva is a town which has become the passageway of many civilizations in history like Hittites, Phrygians, Romans and Ottomans. It is possible to come across with the ruins of the history, going back to the 7th Century B.C. in neighbour villages. The church ruins and tombstones which belong to Romans in Kalem village, the Gürlek Cave which was found at the end of 3rd Century/at the begining of 4th Century in Hacıllı Village, the castle ruins in Hisar Tepe, the windmill in sungurlu District are important discoveries. Turkmen tribes who came from Konya, Karaman and Balıkesir at the second half of 14th Century, settled in Ağva. Today's townspeople are decendants of the same Turkmen tribes.

Ağva means "the village established between two rivers" and "water" in Latin. It is a coast town located in the north of Istabul, in the middle of Göksu and Yeşilçay rivers. Göksu and Yeşilçay rivers go through Ağva and flow into the Black Sea. Yeşilçay is the place for fishing boats, and Göksu keeps hotels on its shore. You can browse around on the rivers with canoes and pedalos. Few hours of trips can be organised with motor boats. Hacıllı village 12 km away- is celebrated for its cave and waterfals. Kilimli and Kadırga Bays very convenient for trekking.

Ağva's population is around 3000. But in summer, especially at weekends this numbers reach 10.000. In summer there are people who come here just to swim in the sea or in the river or just for a delicious dinner. Ağva's fishes are so fresh.

Fish is Plenty, hunting is possible
Ağva is a town that can be visited 4 seasons. In summer, 3 km longbeatiful beach accompanies the joy of sea. In winter, in the special places of the town, spirited conversations by the fireplace are life extending. It is nearly impossible to describe the beauty of springs in Ağva, because it is possible to see all the colors of the nature.

Ağva is also blessed for the ones who want to fish. Two rivers and the sea never let the fishhooks come alone. The town which shelters turtles, gazelles, wolves, boars, foxes, squirrels, variable bir species especially kingfisher- is also very convenient for hunting. Breathing the fresh air, walking on the curative beach which is said to be good for rheumatic diseases are another beauties of Ağva.

How to go to Ağva?
To reach this cunning town, 97km from İstanbul, you need to go to Şile first. The road to Şile is highway quality. After reaching Şile; you can choose between two roads: First is the coastal road; the road parts into two in Şile Çayırbaşı. You come across with Şuayipli after Coastal road, Kabakoz, Akçakese road. Ağva signs aid you when you reach İsaköy turn.

The second route from Şile to Ağva is following the road from Çayırbaşı to Teke Village, and reaching Ağva by Teke, Gökmaslı and İsaköy course. To reach from Gebze, you need to go to the Mollafeneri course, follow the Tem Highway, turn to the left to Teke road and when you reach Teke you need to enter the İsaköy road on the right.

To reach from İzmit side; Kandıra Highway is available through Kandıra, Akçaova and Ağva course. To reach from Black Sea Region; you need to follow Akçakoca Road.

The blue-green dream between two rivers, Ağva
Do you live in Istanbul? You are very lucky. Why? Because you don't have to search the peace in far. Just 97km away from Istanbul, in Ağva, you just lie down on your cushion or your hammock by the river and listen to the silence. Four seasons are beautiful. It is an ideal place especially for your wekend runaways. Ağva is a cunning Black Sea coast where you can get restphysically and spiritually and where you can savor fresh and delicious fishes. Remember; accomodation fees are more convenient in winter season. How about waking up with the bird songs in Ağva boutique hotels located on the river coast, on the beach and in the city center? You can realize your Ağva Boutique Hotel reservaton by choosing one of the Ağva boutique Hotels.

Location of Ağva:
97km North of Istanbul, Ağva is a lush coast town in the middle of Göksu and Yeşilçay rivers, lying on the shore of the Black Sea.

Ağva's General Population:
Ağva is a coastal town within the borders of Şile County which became a municipality in 1992. The population which is 3000 in winter goes up to 20000 in summer months. Being near to Istanbul is a major factor inthis population growth. Ağva folks are formed of the descendants of Turkmen tribes who came from Konya, Karaman and Balıkesir in the second half of 14th Century.

Climate of Ağva:
This climate is exactly for me. You can feel both the mediterranean and Black Sea climates in Ağva, which means summer is fresh, and the winter is warm and rainy.

Sources of income of Ağva:
Fishery is a major source of income in Ağva: There is both the boat fishing a grace of Black Sea- and blessed river fishing on Yeşilçay. Another source of income of Ağva is agriculture. And of course the modern and allure tourism has become a major source of income recently.

Must See Places in Ağva:
I say roam every place step by step, lap by lap, paddle by paddle to experience all of the beauties. 3 km long golden yellow, fine sandy, bright Ağva beach and the sea is always clean, since the habitation is away from the beach, behind the pine trees. Kadırga and Kimlikli Bays, reached by Kandıra road, where you can picnic and swim in the sea.

There is also little bays which can be reached through the sea. The waterfall which is located on Teke road is only 5km from Ağva. The open-air museum of Ağva which looks like a bride with a white veil from the sea, and a duck from the land, Gelin Kayası (Bride's Rock) can be reached by a rented motorboat following the coast.

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